Beautiful Fluid Vertical Tika Taka Football with Goals and Solid Defense

by Fer de Lance, Aug 27, 2021
Tactic Source Tests Info. Rating Release date Downloads
FeR - De - LaNCe dEAdLieSt 433
Author: Fer de Lance
Local Tests Info. 3.9Patch 21.4.0 Aug 27, 2021 121

I had a great success on my save with this tactic. From there I decided to trial this tactic on manager holiday mode with Man U, Besiktas and Blackburn with no new transfer. Man U won Premiere League, FA Cup and also they were Runners up for Champions League. Besiktas won Turkish Super Lig and Turkish Cup. Blackburn gained promotion to Premiere League. This is vertical tiki-taka possession based narrow tactic. On my save this tactic produced some great fluid attacking football with eye catching passing and movement. Important players and must have very good Inverted Wingers and Advance playmaker. Also defense was solid with many clean sheets. I hope this tactic will bring you success.


great tactics, great results

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