Arrowhead 3.0 [22.2.0 tested]

by momentaryblink, Dec 8, 2021
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Arrowhead 3.0
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Patch 22.2.0
Dec 8, 2021 249

After some testing and deliberation on how to approach the 22.2.0 match engine, I've arrived at some changes to the Arrowhead.

Same methodology as before.  Twice through the 10 team testing league co-designed by Dino.  144 matches, no discarded tests.

Changelog (to the best of my memory)
-very attacking to attacking
-switched to Wide Midfielders
-shorter passing
-ticked down tempo
-switched to regroup from counterpressing
-much higher line of engagement from higher
-ticked down trigger press to 'more often' 


These results are nearly identical which is WILD over two 72 match tests.  Not sure how it will perform in the FM-Arena database, but regardless of how it performs, it has been playing very well for me against the AI and in a PvP competition.



I forgot to add that if anyone else has any tests of the Arrowhead 3.0, I'd love to see them.  Also, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask.  I just want to improve it as much as I can!


After playing more games with other tactics and some more Arrowhead matches, the Wide Midfielders are excellent and I recommend them in other tactics as well.

I'm also curious if anyone has had a chance to try out regroup in any of their tactics.  I think it might be strong in the single striker tactics, but I am curious if people feel the same.


The best tactic I've tried on fm22, congratulations to the creator


MartinV56 said: The best tactic I've tried on fm22, congratulations to the creator

Which patch? 22.0?


22.4.1, Team Newcastle tactic work perfect for me,thanks

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