Tiki Taka Lower Intensity Tweak

by tolec, 15 days, 9 hours ago
Tactic Source Tests Info. Points Release date Downloads
Tiki Taka Balance-EOT
Author: tolec
Local Tests Info.
Patch 22.2.0
15 days, 9 hours ago 34


This is a tweak of of Positive Tiki Taka tactic by @cptdoggo - https://fm-arena.com/tactic/2025-positive-tiki-taka/. I am aiming for a "companion" tactic to the original - lower intensity, but with similar instructions. I usually use this companion tactic to start a match, turning to the original only when needed to save stamina.

The tweaks are:
- Positive -> Balance
- Tackle Harder -> Ease of Tackles
- Extremely High Tempo -> Higher Tempo

The end result looks good - compared to another low intensity tactic, ZaZ Cyan EOT https://fm-arena.com/tactic/1970-zaz-cyan-ease-off-tackles/, this gives slightly better results in my tests with slightly higher intensity.


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