Js Positive Tiki Taka (Strikerless Tweak)

by ForeverEverton, 15 days, 7 hours ago
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Js Positive Tiki Taka
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Patch 22.2.0
15 days, 7 hours ago 67

In a previous save I tweaked the 5.4 rated Positive Tiki Taka tactic by removing the striker and inserting a Shadow Striker, the most successful tactics in FM21 were striker less so I wondered if the same would apply in this game.

I started a new save with this tactic using Everton, a team I support but more importantly a middle of the road Premier League side.  I set my playing career to semi pro player and qualifications to National A License so no means giving myself a helpful boost.

As you will see from the Dunamic my Managerial Support is in the red with Team Cohesion only just in the Green....

As you will notice from the schedule I am unbeaten in the season, although it is early BUT like I say I have tested this in another save.  7 Friendlies, 1 Carabao Cup game and 4 Premier League games ALL won including a 4-2 win over Man City....

It would be good to have this tested as I carry on with my save.  Great site lads, the search for the perfect tactic goes on.


See attached.... 5 games and 5 wins, top of the league with a game in hand.

Last game Spurs had 3 shots with none on target, it was zero shots till the last 20 mins or so.


@ForeverEverton, can you show a full season result with the tactic? Only 5 matches is really a very small sample.


I`m still playing this save and havent played much since posting but when I use it some more I will post the results.... but seems promising so far.


I was also thinking of similar tweak in my variation of positive Tiki Taka. According to https://ratemytactic.web.app this should work very well. I am curious about your results.


An update....

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