77 points with Leeds Utd (Top tactics tweak)

by Harrison, 15 days ago
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Positive Tiki Taka - SS & DW Tweak
Author: Harrison
Local Tests Info.
Patch 22.2.0
15 days ago 55

I took a liking to @JohnSariman Black & White positions https://fm-arena.com/tactic/2425-back-to-black-white/ and noticed they were similar to @Geek Positive Tiki Taka - Shadow Striker Tweak https://fm-arena.com/tactic/2282-positive-tiki-taka-shadow-striker-tweak/ and I prefer the tactical instructions in Geeks tactic so I changed the IF on the right to DW in Geeks tactic to to match JohnSarimans positional formation.

Positive Tiki Taka - SS & DW Tweak V1

Results with Leeds to compare to JohnSariman:

Results in testing league:

To compare to @ZaZ ZaZ Blue DM GD:130 PTS:189 on same test.

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