Found one of my old tactics from FM19 and is a power horse

by doru228, 14 days, 9 hours ago
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Author: doru228
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Patch 22.2.0
14 days, 9 hours ago 40

hey guys,
found one of my old tactics from fm19 and decided to give it a go in fm22
i must say it works even better than in fm19

i havent added any screensots yet but will do in the following days as i started a new save in a vely low league where players are shite :D
here is the resuls so far and the tactic itself:

positives: all team scores (wbr and wbr goals+loads of assists)
          high numbers of goals scored
          not very leaky in defence

negatives: counter atacks are a issue :D
          hard to get the right players in lower leagues

Please provide feedback and enjoy the game :D

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