PROMIS9 (Positive Tiki Taka Tweak)

by chanho, May 3, 2022
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PROMIS9 (Positive Tiki Taka Tweak)
Author: chanho
Local Not Tested not tested May 3, 2022 68

Made based on the 'Positive Tiki Taka Tweak' tactic. thanks to the creator

: Inside Foward -> Inverted Winger
  Added 'Pass in to space'

Tested with Norwich and finished runners-up with the most goals scored in the first season
won the league cup

I saw a notice that if there is a good response from other communities, it will be tested

Ranked 10th in the tactical ranking. I also attach a link

I hope it will be a test. Please let me know if the test element is missing


It's very good


Filer974 said: It's very good
thanks for the test

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