What is your player development pathway?

by Middleweight165, May 5, 2022

I am doing a long term save with Chelsea and I want to optimise the player development pathway. Athe the moment this is my process:

1.U18 - play and train in U18

2.Top 2 U19 players - play and train in U18 (England allows 2 U19s to play in u18

3. >U18 and not top 2 - U23 until club grown and developed the appropriate attributes

Heres where things get grey:
If I have a top talent who is good enough to be a backup in the first team, should he go there or go on loan? He wont get as many games in the first team as he would going on loan. Also, when should I bring him back to the 1st team backup role? When he's reached his potential? Of course, if he's good enough to be a starter, this is an easy decision


To be fair, youth setup is more useful in real life than in FM. If you play ten seasons, you will get at most two or three players that are worth using. Meanwhile, you can get very good youth players from other team and use them instead, possibly for a cheaper price than you pay to keep a state of the art youth setup running.

P.S.: Just to be clear, it's very useful to have good training facilities to develop the players in your main squad, I just never saw much benefit in youth setup (youth facilities, coaching, recruitment and youth level). Unlike real life, FM doesn't have strong competition for young talents, so it's not so hard to hire the best from other teams.


This might be of interest to you in terms of player development in the game

Zippo advice


Generally I play u-18 in the u-18,  good u-18 in the u-23 available for u-18  good u-23 first team but available for u-23 ( in the first team they can be mentored)  young players good enough for back up are loaned or kept depending on squad depth


I just want to add that if you loan a player to "inactive" league then the development will be abysmal so I suggest never loaning player to "inactive" leagues.

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