PENETRATION tactic by Vujevic!

by Vujevic, May 17, 2022
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4-4-2-PENETRATION tactic by Vujevic
Author: Vujevic
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My latest tactic with attacking approach!

Tactic tested in various divisions and having great results.

Key players are two defenders and two strikers!

Example how this tactic is playing!


Did a small test in 1 season using Tottenham, Everton and Norwich. I'm very impressed! Never got Norwich playing this well in the first season! Good job!

Overall stats:





easy title in first season with Nec who have mp 16 place


First 9 games played live on twich then I just done holiday until end of season!


wins the lige


Results of a season played, with Porto, with the "Penetration Tactic" tactic

I will post the results we obtained until the season, which were good in the group with Bayern Munchen and Real Madrid and I still managed to finish first and reach the final of the champions final.

A few contractions, almost from the time of the Porto, only one holder was contracted, which was Adeyemi from Salzburg, I'll leave the results here and the final remarks below, but congratulations to Vujevic for another brilliant tactic.


video about this tactic

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