Best Finishing trait

by DreadPirateRoberts, 30 days, 18 hours ago

Lately I have been wondering what finishing trait on your strikers are most effective. I went through some known 'broken' players for FM 22, like vlahovic , haaland , lukaku , immobile etc. but also some lesser 'known' ones like solanke. My conclusion is definetly that players with high strength and 'shoots with power' trait is very strong. But other than that I can't quite figure it out. For example the game tells you that rounding the keeper is not a good idea if the player has high finishing, which is clearly a lie. How good is tries first time shots? this one feels the strongest out of the rest if I had to guess from my own saves this year. What do you guys think?


I guess if a player has a very low "Finishing" attribute ( it's lower than "12" ) then he'll be missing a lot shots if he tries to "precisely" direct his shots so it makes sense to train him "Shot With Power" so he won't be trying to "precisely" direct his shots but instead he'll be relying purely on the power of his shots which means more of his shots will be directed toward the goal.

I guess a high "Long Shots" attribute further enhances "Shot With Power" trait. Btw, I don't think that "Strength" attribute enhances "Shot With Power" trait.


I always train try first time shots and place shots. It works for me, but as well you need to make sure the players have attributes for the traits. No point training tries first time shots when he anticipation, composure and finishing are dreadful.

Have a look at this guide it will tell you which attributes are best suited for each trait

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