Woodyball - 4-1-3-2 wide

by Steelwood, Jul 28, 2022
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Author: Steelwood
Local Not Tested not tested Jul 28, 2022 100

Here's the tactic. It is a similar shape to the best tactic from last year but uses two AF instead of the shadow strikers. The corners have the CBs at the near post with the strikers at the back post, also aimed at the near post

Tested with PSG to see some ridiculous numbers, holidayed throughout the entire season. We only dropped two points all season along with scoring 159 in the process

We also beat Bayern in the CL final, accumulating over 5 xG in the game

Here are some player stats for the season. Mbappe spent the whole year playing as the AF, as did Messi. Neymar played on the left as the DW mostly

Please tell me what you think and feel free to try it yourself


So you made a tactic that worked well with PSG?

Do you know that it's pretty much impossible to create a tactic that doesn't work well with PSG?

You can literally pick any sensible formation from the in game presets and do as well as you did.

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