Migrating to a new tactic testing league.

by Alexander, Jun 7, 2020

Hi everybody,

I want to inform you we are migrating to a new tactic testing league! :woot:

First of all, I want to express our great gratitude to TFF(TotalFootballFan) for his tactic testing league he made for us and that we used until now, TFF's tactic testing league is based on many brilliant ideas and we've learned a lot from him.

At this point we think we've got enough experience to improve it and develop it further on our own.

Here are some highlights of our new tactic testing league:

- Underdog Team(low rep) and Favorite Team(high rep) are gone. Now all teams in the league have the same reputation, we find this would be more appropriate because all teams in the league are about the same in quality.

- There are 2 teams in the league under our control (Team A and Team B), there's no difference between them and we did that just to double the number of matches we test per one run.

- Each tactic will be given at least 3 runs(for total 456 matches) and that guarantees extreme accuracy.

- We tuned some attributes of the players(Work Rate, Heading, Dribbling and some other attributes).

- We optimized the AI tactics.

...and some other improvements!

I hope you'll enjoy our new tactic testing league!

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Your new test league plan is very nice. Thanks for your effort Alexander;)


WOW! I'm looking forward to it. :)


Which tactics will you test? Thanks for your effort!

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Keep up the good work, pal! :)


Great ! I love ur ideas and hope that will be the best way to test tactics.
Good job !



I see a lot of my tactics for last patch are missing.



Balkan style and LiberoOfensiveMonster won all trophies instantly with shity teams.

off course my tactics are not pure plug and play and they require certain type of players.




He only just started new test like day ago Vujevic,be patient,I'm sure he will retest all of your tactics soon ;)