Opposition instructions in tactics testing

by kjarus, Dec 26, 2022


I've been thinking about this... I think the tactic testing that you guys perform should take into account (some) opposition instructions - let me explain you why.

There could be a reason that the best tactics are always where you have nice coverage over the pitch - 4 on the flanks, at least 2 in the middle and probably 2 strikers. The thing is that using this kind of shape doesn't really require any specific opposition instructions against most popular opposition tactics - 433, 4231, and 442.

For example, if my tactic is narrow 343 - regardless of opposition I always need to trigger press their fullbacks, otherwise, they would just have too much space to attack. Another example if my tactic doesn't have DMs, I always would need to tight mark opposition's AM as he would just destroy my team.

I could be wrong and maybe its not such a big difference - but at least some proper testing should be done to verify this. Otherwise, each year we will see similar shape tactics being always at the top and not knowing whether they are truly the best or just the best when not taking into account "mandatory" opposition instructions.

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