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FM.20.2 Assassin 442v3 by Equator (New)

by equator, Dec 11, 2019

We all konw the sharp counterattack of Mourinho, and I do like this style. So I made this tactic, just show my respect to him. The most counterattacks in this tactic only need 3 or 4 passing before the ball go into the gate. Hope you like it.

Something before using:

- Dont leave opposition instructions to your assistant. You need to do nothing about opposition instructions. Just leave it alone. And so as the 'leads tactical briefings'

- Arrange some friendly game before the season. Make sure the familiarity is not too bad.

Players requirements

When you select a player's role and responsibility in the player profile, the player's attributes panel will automatically highlight the attributes required for that player's role. So it is unnecessary to go into details here.

Just to emphasize a few important points:

(A) player attributes

1. ST: nothing special needed.

2. MR/L: compared with the physical, the technical and mental attributes are more important. If you don't have the proper MR/L to be this wing commander, consider having your AM in the team do this job.

3. CML: select the best midfielder in the team for long-range shooting. He will be the battering ram that opens the tortoise shell. Of course, if there is organizational ability, that is even better.

4. DMCR: this is soul of the team, the key of the team's counterattack. Counterattack starts here. So make sure that put your best midfielder in here. of course, if he have some defensive ability, it's better. Yes, he's a hexagon warrior( which means he is good at everything).

5. DR/L: nothing special need.

6. DCL: tall and Strong. Typical british CB.

7. DCR: high agility , acceleration and speed.

8. GK: communication is important

(B) players' habits

1. All players should not have the habit of "marks opponent tightly".

2. All players should try to avoid "plays short simple passes", "plays one-twos", "dictates tempo" and other habits that slow down the tempo.

3. All backcourt players should not have the habit of "tries to play way out of trouble" or other dribbling habits.

4. Avoid other habits that conflict with tactical instructions.

Waitting for your reviews!  ;)

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Administrator, please dont test this tactic now. I am trying to improve it . Thanks


@ Alexander, I have upload new 442v3. Hope your test. Thanks:D

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