Lostvayne V1 by Egraam

by Egraam, Sep 11, 2020

Hi, this is a 5-2-1-2 with an attacking Libero that I made, I've done few simple holiday tests by myself (no transfers) and it seems to be working really good - it even got 100 points with Lyon.

I also did tests with Eintracht Frankfurt (predicted 10th in Bundesliga) and Zwickau (predicted 14th in 3.Bundesliga), both got really good results, with Eintracht finishing 2nd and winning the cup and Zwickau finishing 1st

The tactic creates a lot of chances (Zwickau lead the league in chances by a lot despite being predicted only 14th, Eintracht also created the most chances in the league) so I think it could produce even better results with a proper test

I would appreciate it if you could test it, thank you.

Lostvayne V1.fmf
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Uploaded : Sep 11, 2020