"Ability" / "Potential" star rating.

by Bogeyman, Sep 27, 2020


I wonder how the "Ability" / "Potential" star rating is calculated... does it have any relation with CA(Currect Ability) and PA(Potential Ability) or it's a different thing?

I'd appreciate if someone could clear that for me.



Those ratings are just your assistant manager opinion about the players' ability and potential but your assistant manager can be very poor at judging these things so I advise you to take those ratings with caution. Also, he can give a 5 star rating to some of your players but it doesn't mean that this player is the best players in the world, it only means that your assistant manager thinks this player is a good player for your team but he might be a very poor player if you put him in a better team.


@Tsubasa thanks, pal.