The Power of Interaction: Improving Morale from "Fairly Poor" to "Very Good"

by Zippo, Oct 23, 2020

Hi guys,

I've made a short video for those of you who haven't discovered the power of interaction in FM20 yet. :)

The video below shows how you can improve the morale of your players from "Fairly Poor" to "Very Good" using the Interaction.

Before the interaction:

After the interaction:

Edited Oct 23, 2020 by Zippo

Here're my results since I started using the interaction thing, it's been working amazing... thanks you...! :thup:


@Zippo thanks for sharing, awesome stuff.


Thanks, @Zippo. It's good to know because before I never pay attention to it. :)


Yes, FM is not only about tactics and to do well in the game you also have to manage the morale of your players...