Iris by Egraam

by Egraam, Oct 24, 2020

Could you test this? 98 points with Sassuolo

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Uploaded : Oct 24, 2020

Hi, do you think this tactic still works


Filer974 said: Hi, do you think this tactic still works

Depends on your definition of tactic "working". Would it get 6.0+ score on fmarena? Probably not. Can you still get good results with it? Yes, I've used tactics rated under 6 here, and with the right squad, training and morale management still overachieved. It's just that these tactics aren't as plug&play and consistent as the top ones.

I've run a quick Liverpool test, with a slightly tweaked for FM21, version of this tactic and still got 100 points and won FA Cup, so if you're really interested I can post it here. Just don't expect anything crazy, because if you're looking solely for results, there are better tactics out there.


Yes I am interested. Can you put the link and pictures online please. I thank you


There you go:

I've updated set pieces, changed passing to standard, dropped the defensive line to standard and added low crosses.

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These are my first matches with this tactic. I am in chambly in the 1st French division in my 4th year. I thank you again, and I will keep you posted on the rest of the season


Hi Egraam, I continue to test your tactics. I play every game, no holiday mode with me. As you can see, it works pretty well. When I lead in the score I use VoilĂ  v2 def at the end of the match. For the moment it's impeccable


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