Phantom and Werewolf - FM21 Beta Tactics

by Maverick, Nov 12, 2020


Here are my two best tactics for FM21 Beta.

I tried the tactics with Tottenham and they worked just incredible. :)

Werewolf v1.0 - FM21 Beta.fmf
Downloaded : 397 times
Uploaded : Nov 12, 2020
Phantom v1.0 - FM21 Beta.fmf
Downloaded : 413 times
Uploaded : Nov 12, 2020

I gave Phantom tactic a whirl with Man Utd and the results have been awesome so far.

Thank you. :)


Spurs/Villa/Swansea/Luton test file

Sacked by Spurs
Sacked by Luton

Bizarrely won the Prem with Villa

Hit and miss with Phantom


Nabby1987 said: Bizarrely won the Prem with Villa

LOL... :D  Looks like FM21 ME is crazy at the moment...


Could just be Villa have the players that suit the tactic

Testing the Werewolf now with same test file. Will share results


With Liverpool it's like a walk in the park

Salah and Mane are deadly :devil:


Werewolf didnt do so good
Spurs 7th and sacked
Villa 9th
Swansea 2nd, pretty good defence, only 35 conceded
Luton 6th

Strikers score lots in this tactic


Werewolf v1.0 is the best 442 tactic I've tried so far for the FM21 beta

After 15 matches in the league I'm sitting the 1st place with Atletico Madrid, the team's scored 44 goals so far

Well done, Maverick!

Luis Suarez has scored 21 goals so far

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