Hacker by Egraam

by Egraam, Feb 26, 2021
Tactic Name Author Patch Status Result
Hacker V2.1 Egraam FM21 Patch 21.4.0 TESTED 6.8 GO TO THE TABLE
Hacker V2 Egraam FM21 Patch 21.3.0 TESTED 6.9 GO TO THE TABLE

Hi, I know this type of formation was already tested like hundred times, but I've been getting such great results with this tactic on this patch that I've decided it's worth posting it. It's a tactic I've been developing since last patch, putting all the knowledge I have about what works and what doesn't in this year's FM, but I believe it has hit its peak on this patch.
Eintracht predicted 8th win championship with big point lead over 2nd place, and get to final of DFB-Pokal. West Brom predicted last finish with 66 points and qualified for international competition, Liverpool 105 points.

I'd appreciate if it could be tested but I'd understand if you won't want to because of how many tactics with this formation there are. I encourage everyone to try it out regardless.


- Updated throw-ins for patch 21.4

Hacker V2.1.fmf
Downloaded : 92 times
Uploaded : Mar 18, 2021
Hacker V2.fmf
Downloaded : 408 times
Uploaded : Feb 26, 2021
Edited Mar 18, 2021 by Egraam

Here is some more tests, from lower leagues, if someone was worried how it performs with weaker teams


Hi Are you going to test it @Zippo


salzby said: Hi Are you going to test it @Zippo


Everything in the tactic has been tested very well already so there's a very low chance it gets tested.


Is there anyway to convince you?


Definitely more suited for weaker teams than the other tactic that is rated 6,9.

Well done! Nice tweaks!


Updated throw-ins for patch 21.4. Long throws still work well in my opinion, the difference being the throw-in taker - I find it's better to have a taker with high long-throw attribute over just using DL/DR all the time, that's why I removed default taker from the setup.

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