Kung Fu 4-4-2 v5 by StephenHK

by magicnut, Feb 27, 2021
Tactic Name Author Patch Status Result
fm21.3 kung fu 442 v5 StephenHK FM21 Patch 21.4.0 TESTED 5.9 GO TO THE TABLE
fm21.3 kung fu 442 v5 StephenHK FM21 Patch 21.3.0 TESTED 5.5 GO TO THE TABLE

Hello , this tactic is from the series of pretty well known tactician stephenHK and I have carefully checked and made sure this particular version wasn't already tested for this new patch.
This is the thread of the source of the tactic but it is in chinese :

The earlier version 3.5 was tested and did quite good at 1.779ppg (very high as far as I can see for a tactic using actual strikers.

This is the version 5. Unfourtunately the thread of the tactic showing the results is in chinese and I am not sure which results pertain to this particular version but since it being the newer version I have high hopes so please have it tested.

fm21.3 kung fu 442 v5.fmf
Downloaded : 64 times
Uploaded : Feb 27, 2021
Edited Feb 27, 2021 by magicnut

Upon Zippo's request for screenshot of tactic and results I have dug in and found another thread on fm base ( I only found the tactic initially on the chinese thread).
HERE are the required screenshots.
SOURCE : https://fm-base.co.uk/resources/stephenhk-tactics-fm21.1196/

Southampton media expecations mid table ish finish 5th with 75pts tally.
I hope this is enough to have the tactic tested.

Edited Feb 28, 2021 by magicnut
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