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Football Manager: 4-2-2-2 Simeone by Giannis the greek

Hi there!
Could you please test this tactic?

Many thanks in advance!

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Can you post any result with it?

Well I use this tactic during season in few saves, but didnt play this only.
Reason to I share this tactic there exactly to check result by underdog and topteam test.

I had pretty results in a lot of games, but sometimes it draws and lose

So can you test this one please?

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I recreate tactic by screenshot because Giannis share screenshot only

That looks really weird. Why didn't he just upload the tactic? There might be PIs in the tactic...

Btw, I've tried the tactic that you uploaded for few games and didn't find anything special in it, the results were poor…

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OMG ok dont test this. I already tired of this discussion

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