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Football Manager: Lukaku 57 goals newest version by soxiant

Hello recently a user on fmbase posted a update to his popular Lukaku 57 goals tactic used in manchester united which he aparently won both league and cl first season with the final of the cl 6-1 with barca.
 Information about the tactic can be seen here
Neither the tweak or the original tactic has ever been tested here as far as I know.

My interest with this tactic in particular is that it is one of the rare tactics nowdays that uses inside forwards .

The user has stated that he has made a improved tweak but there is VERY scarce  information on the effectiveness of the tactic in the long term in particular to underdog sides as the user stated he "doesn't know how it'll perform with weaker sides". I haven't seen a single person posted results for a season run with the tactic but it has gained fair popularity on the forum with over 200 replies.

The latest tweak which is what I'm curious to see tested is this :

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The tactic gave quite an impressive results and I am thinking about trying it out now in the Romanian league  :D  ;D  :)

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