Team Cohesion cannot be freeze with FMRTE or other tool BTW

Not a bad one! I like it

Classic "save & reload" cheat.

Updated Set Pieces

20.4 CADONI 442 - OEDIPUS II.fmf
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Lucky - unlucky factor is necessary part of the game, you can't measure it with that way. Not even with freezing things.

Because tactics from there is based on edited version of ME (physics constraint file) which effect the how teams play.

This is based on edited ME or the original from SI?

Hi there,

Can you test this tactic?


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Hi there! Thank you for testing!


My first classic 442 for Football Manager & Football Manager 2020.

I have created this tactic with two attacking philosophies in my mind.

1. Overload the left side (right side defense of opposition).
2. Creating 1vs1 right side (left side defense of opposition).

I have tested this tactic on Mr. L Test League with great results. FMRTE & In Game Editor used, because I want the opposition team - AI Manager - to play full against me.

Good PPM for specific roles:

IW: Cut Inside from the Left Wing
PF: Come Deep to Get the Ball
W: Runs with ball often, Tries tricks, Hugs the touchline; Good Dribbling, Flair, Agility
AF: Move Into Channels

General Notes

- No OI's
- Use shouts: Demand More (drawing), Show Some Passion (loss), Praise (win by 2 or more goals)

Training Recommendation:

I hope you guys to enjoyed and to be tested from FM-ARENA!

20.4 CADONI 442 - OEDIPUS.fmf
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Uploaded : Aug 18, 2020

Sandro said: How about this 442 ? :)

it has been tested already


Hi there,

A classic 4411 which is focusing on Set Piece and Wingers (A). Tested with Torquay in VNL. No OIs, AM handle training. Would be interesting to see results from fm-arena.

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Uploaded : Jul 24, 2020

What's the difference between this:

Hi there,

Can you test this 442?

Thank you!

FM20.4.1 (4-4-2) @stylekiller@ v-6.fmf
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Uploaded : Apr 17, 2020


Test Method

- Holiday (AM Takes Cares Training & Team Selection)
- No IGE (In Game Editor)
- Disable First Window Activity
- Delegate Responsibilities to Manager (me)

When I was testing a tactic with Norwich, an 4411, notice that I had a huge loss against Watford (4-0). My opinion is that 4411 is way to go for underdogs teams this year. Maybe I am wrong. I watched the game from start to finish and Watford was hitting Norwich like crazy. I had a look into match analysis and saw that Watford used a 4213 formation. That's was the start of building that tactic.

I don't know if there will be 2.0 version. Try and tell me!

SPs: From @lisa- | I am terrible making my own SPs.

PS. Thanks to @lisa- for the tips!

Squad Selection by Assistant Manager

PS2. I am strongly recommend to take care training and micro-manage the team. Shouts, Team Talks etc helps improve morale and morale is important factor.

PS3. I hope to test it!

4213 Cadoni 1.0.fmf
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Uploaded : Apr 13, 2020

Hi there,

I am sharing my second version of strikerless tactic. Below you will find results with Norwich team. I have not use FMRTE or In-Game Editor, just a holiday test. I am curious to see the results from FM-ARENA test.

No OI, AM takes the training.

FM20 5320 V2 - CADONI.fmf
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Uploaded : Mar 8, 2020


Hope FM-ARENA to test my version of 4141 DM for 20.2.4 patch.

FM20 CAD 4141 v1.fmf
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Uploaded : Feb 18, 2020


Can you test Phoenix v4?

(FM20 - ME2039) PHOENIX V4 by TFF.fmf
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Uploaded : Feb 8, 2020


Can you test Raider v4 from TFF? Big of fan of 4141 DM.

(FM20 - ME2039) RAIDER V4 by TFF.fmf
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Uploaded : Feb 8, 2020