is that your tactic?
can you update it better when using underdog team, tks.
I'm fan strikerless, this tactic so pretty good but it in another testing league hs got bad results. Pls help me test, tks
Basic tactic but top of another testing league. Please test here
FULL TOP 4 without transfer, top 1 goal score, top 3 goals against
FULL TOP 4 without transfer, top 3 goal score, but goals against so bad. Help me test and fix it
FUL top 4 without transfer
Zippo said: The tactic that you uploaded uses WBs, even its name says that. :)

Please, check that you upload a correct tactic.

Thank you.

oh, sorry.
this is correct tactic
IWB better than WB in this tactics
update #1
Attacking 4-1-1-4-0 DM IWB Wide - Custom Control Possession.fmf
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Uploaded : Dec 25, 2020
Zippo said: Hi,

Please, post some results with the tactic.

Also, the tactic uses IWBs but on the screenshot I see WBs... please, check that you uploaded a correct tactic.

Thank you.

Tactic use 2IWB
Current 3rd with sheff wed ( DOF auto transfer and quick pick player every match)
I’ll post some image when season finish
Help me test my strikerless - total football tactic
i want it become better
Tactic set TI - PI and OI
many thanks