Is there going to be Tornado for 23.4 version?
pixar said: Tornado did not affect him. :cool: @Blau

What is "tornado" :shock:
:D :D :D can't believe haha! :D
Hi @all , I wonder how you do this testing like from screenshots with Team A, Team B, Team C etc..?
Anyone from Balkan here? I have some questions but need answer in native language :)
Milakus said: I haven't tried it with a weak team but I can say with FC Bayern the tactic works great.

I had only 2 loses in the season.

Good one! I'm trying to find good tactic for Wolves, I will test this one..
This work for weaker teams? like Wolves?
Solaris said: @Adix "23.2" is just the patch number, there's no connection with the database.

Thank you so much! :)
Solaris said: Untick the custom databases and press "Ok" then try again

I've tried that.. still same thing..

I've tried to reinstall game, not helping.
Wigo said: why isit a problem??? its current game version... everybody play on 3.2 :)

Hmm mby you didn't understand, my problem is that I don't have 23.2 option to select, only default one.. see the first picture please. :)
Hi all,

I need some help with database, please.

What is the "problem", when I create new game, on Database selection I have only default database.
But I see now is 23.2 version on starting screen.

Any1 else have that problem?