All regards to toni4422.
I was refresh SP in this tactic
On fm base test have 349 pts
Can you test this
LIDA41320Pass&Attack SP.fmf
Downloaded : 20 times
Uploaded : 22 hours ago
All match play ten)
I was buy only fast players
I was try  to test it 2 times on mrl base test league. AM choose players. Don't know why, but when I pick fast players FMRTE settings break(
Lapidus said: On the screenshots you posted I see that the players don't have their morale and conditions at 100% which means something is wrong with the FMRTE freezing, also, players never get "rst" if you FMRTE freezing done properly.

I suggest checking the FMRTE freezing settings.

Ok. I will check this
Lapidus said: Hi,

Do you use FMRTE to freeze the conditions and morale?

Hi. Yes I do
When you play without rotation it helps to pass the season without injuries. But players get "rst"
agree. after 1st round all players get "rest". Results without rotation was bad
Prutton said: Hmm... I will see if I can make some changes to improve the results for weaker teams.

I try to pick only fast players for ZAZ blue 3.0. Go for holyday with "use current team selecrion when possible"
The resuls after 1/4 test:
ZAZ become machine
Exsodya said: Which tactic is the best one in testing?

This is not full test. But in the future perspective maybe phoenix is the best
I was test zaz blue 3 times. Not good results for this test league(
Tested 3 more times
Results for 5 test:
The best is 352pts
Worst is 311pts
On 5 test average it turned out:
ca 165 188,8
ca 140 143.6
I was retest on Mr l test 352 pts:blink:
Different result for CA 140. Will retest again)
great for top in Mr L test league
I was test this tactic on Mr L.
The best tactic (from my tests in this testing league)
Test this tactic (v5) on Fmbase test league!
Overall 311
Wonderfull result for top team!
Maybe for Ca 140 not good pace and acceleration players for this tactic
great result with Fulham
FA CUP final, Carabao final too and 3rd place in EPL

UFA won RPL (team for relegation)
Do you update this for 21.4?
Prutton said: Thank you for the tests! 4-2-2-2 looks nice. Have you tried it with DW instead of W?

P.S.: I was actually sidetracking to other ideas. I didn't run the double RPM yet.

P.S.2: I tested the 4222 here and it didn't give better results for my method of testing. Maybe it will be very good in fm-base or even here, but in my way of testing, Blue 3.0 is better.

Can you give link for 4222?
healmuth said: V2 and V3 are producing worse results for me in testing


The best I have found is the AP/DM edit i suggested in regards to consistency

AP|DM is the best. My result with Fulham no transfers
I think this tactic must be test