With PSG
Champion with 10 matches left to play
Champion with Wolves
Hello, can you test my tactic please. It's a tweak of "Sambo or Jiu Jitsu".
Holiday test with Mainz and i'm champion
Blau said: I am glad it's working for you!

That's my favorite tactic now,
I had already done a test with Mainz in holidays test this time I did it by playing all the matches. It's like in a dream. Congratulations on this tactic.0 Transfer and Burkardt injured every return match...
Mainz champion
With Southampton
Tsubasa said: I bet that putting the WBs on "Support" duty might even further improved it.

Also, it might worth trying converting the AMs into Shadow Strikers

Have you tried it?

Yes maybe, I will try for the WB in Sup. Regarding the SS the tactics may be better but I really want to play with AM
Great, this is the best 3421, finally. Thank you for testing my tactics.
Here is the latest version of Filer 3421.
- Vol instead of RGA
- and I added "Work ball into box".
Champion with Totenham with 92 points, this is the highest points total I have achieved with this team in a holiday test.
Can you test this tactic please
With City
Hello, here is my last 3421, test in holidays test with Totenham:
- Cup
- Carabaocup,
- 1/2 finalist of the Champions League and
- 2nd with 88 points in the league.
Can you test this tactic please
With City
Hi, this time I made the effort to put the images in English.
My goal is always the same, I'm stubborn, make a 3421 that works and I won't stop until'to make it work.
I made a tweak of Redux 352 v4.1 in 3421 mode. I did a holiday test with Totenham and there... Champion with 91 points, it's my best total with this team in holiday test.
Can you test this tactic please
I tried the volante in sup but the results are less good, I had 76 points with Totenham, there I try the volante in sup and the WB in att
understood delicious, as I already said I'm a fan of your tactic. thats why i said that
Delicious said: @Filer974 put the on main post and you are gucci i guess :P!

I am curious as well how the tactic perfom with 2 AM even tho,imo you should've changed the volantes on (su) because they gonna overload with AMs.

Delicious if you don't mind doing the necessary, do it and thank you... especially since it's your tactic
Hi Delicious, glad to read you, I did another holiday test with Totenham, 83 points... I'm going to do a test with the volante in sup, you're the tactician, I have almost nothing changed in your tactics
Droid i have read all that, now I will not configure my game so that the images are in English. I believe that I have put all the necessary images, everything is clear, if you consider that the conditions are not required do not test the tactic but there will be no change on my part. I've always done it that way, the rules have certainly changed, but I'm sorry about that. the football manager community does not all speak English and I believe that is its strength