I continue to test this tactic and I think it has potential.
These results were obtained in holiday tests and I am convinced that if we really play these matches the results can be better.
Can you test my new tactic please.
Inspired by Prometheus and my desire was to innovate
Thanks for the test...
Number 2 in the ranking of tactics has 3 defenders...  It's not bad but I think we can do much better....
rego8 said: will give it a try been working on a update of this as well something good about this shape feels solid. hope this tweak goes well

I don't know if the tweak is better, but I tried anyway...
It's a pleasure to play with 3 strikers and 3 defenders.
These are my results with Liverpool in holiday test
I did an Invader tweak. I did 2 holiday tests with Newcastle with 0 transfers, and I had satisfactory results.
Can you test this tactic please
Can you test this tactic please. I tried it with Liverpool (Champion + Champions League + community shield) and Forest (9th + FA Cup). This tactic is based on Corsair IF.
I've been trying to create a 3-defender tactic for a while. I am quite satisfied with the onethere
Hi I feel like all the tactics don't work since this morning. I'm the only one who thinks that?
Poacher said: wow, then that's a very good result

This tactic it's great
Poacher said: what was your media prediction?

I just went up to the 1st league, I'm supposed to be the last
After 19 matches... Quiet
I played all the games. No transfer
Bristol City In the Premier League
I was making a career with Bristol, after a few defeats I installed your tactics... frankly congratulations, well done, superb tactics
Hi, here is a tactic of the super tactician Knap.
Can you please test it
With RBL
with Norwich
Super tactic
2nd year with Atalanta
1st season with atalanta, no transfer