The offensive power of this tactic that still works... 161 goals in the league... Salah 69 goals including 54 in the 1st league
second season with villa. The first season we came in 4th place with craked.
this year with 4312 Filer: 3rd, carabao cup and final of the Champions League
with dortmund
these are good results, thank you for choosing and trying it. I advise you to try my latest tactic 4321 filer
With Norwich
Hello here is my new tactic.
This is an old tactic that I had tweaked several months ago and I have updated it.
I did 2 holiday test with Liverpool, I had very good results.
With Villa
With Dortmund
With Liverpool
This is craked. It's a tweak og StephenHK Tactic.
Can you test it please
5th season with Pau
4th season with Pau
It's very good
3rd season with Pau FC
2nd season with Pau FC.
1rst season in league 1.
Essende top scorer
Super tactic, Pau FC in 1st league
with Southampton it is not a holiday test
With Southampton
An other test with Norwich
An other tactic of StephenHK. Can you test it please