- RPM -> VOL(SU)
- BWM -> DM(DE)


More defensively solid than POLO V5, all the goals go to the 2 AFs so they are most important. 


Elite tactic.

What more could you ask for, Brexit Ball + Undefeated Season

Very very good tactic, using WM to provide defensive stability and a RPM to help with passing progression.

Mbappe with 82 Goal contributions is pretty remarkable and only 15 goals conceded all season.



LB - Changed from WB(SU) to IWB(SU) and has provided better defensive stability.
RCM - Changed form BWM -> DLP (DE) to add some more passing progression.

PSG wasn't optimal for this test as they have no RW but still won the treble with 97% win rate.
Extremely well run tactic.

Won the treble, broke clean sheet record and scored 120 goals in the league alone.
Always been a fan of support strikers in football and this is no an example of that, using a DLF to support the 3 runners past him allows for the team to be extremely attacking and having the VOL arrive late in the box for more presence.

Won the  QUADRUPLE on the holiday sim with an insane amount of goals shared around the team.

This is an attempt to recreate what Liverpool are doing in the 23/24 season, using player roles to create a 325 when in possession, This tactic allows Trent to slot into the midfield 2 and the Mezzalas push up to form a front 5. 

This tactic works extremely well in holiday simulations and won the QUADRUPLE on first run. The 2 Mezzala are essential to chance creation with the right IWB providing 42 assists in all comps.
The BOXMID idea -

Inspired by Jurgen Klopps second half of the season i have created something that attempts to emulate that.

This sim was holiday ran from Week1 to UCL Final non stop.


TAA- 32 Assists in the Premier League (highest I have ever seen), 41 All comps is insane.
Darwin Nunez- Hitting 60 goals all comps
Konate- 39 goals all comps is hilarious
Salah- 50 Goal contributions is great from the wing

Very forward thinking tactic which does not sacrifice too much defensively, the two CM(A) need to be high quality players and the DLP needs to have a high passing and vision stat for this to be most effective.
Markizio said: 2 x DLFs instead of AFs looks interesting.

I wonder what score it'll get. :)

Hoping for 63+ , it is better than the AF +2SS formation imo and that scored 61.
OK so this tactic was insane, holiday sim full year and lost 1 GAME ALL season in ALL comps , an absolutely insane result for a holiday simulation.  (lost to 15th places Troyes btw??)

Notable Performances;

Mbappe - Yeh i mean he smacked 111 Goals and 9 Assists, insane.
Messi - MY goat, 31 Goals and 70 Assists.
Neymar - 33 Goals and 35 Assists, great season for Neymar

This tactic is all about the Forward line, it scores a metric ton of goals while keeping it extremely tight at the back of the pitch.

You could probably score plenty more with Positive mentality or even attacking if you are against bottom half teams, but balanced works beautifully for a holiday simulation. 

Let me know if you find success with this tactic or any changes you made to improve it!
elynem said: Tried that one, unfortunately it didn't do great for me. Also I really like the 4141 or 4123 shape so testing and tweaking this one until it becomes perfect either strikerless or not, if I can do that lol :)

i just posted a tweak called LONEWOLF V2, have a crack with that one :)
This is an adjustment to the LONEWOLF V1 where I've used 2SS behind the AF instead of 2IW to create a better goal share so it isn't as reliant as the the V1 tactic.

Notable performances;

Haaland - Cracked 113 Goals 16 Assists
KDB - What a season, 26 Goals and 76 Assists in one season
Foden - Great season, 26 Goals and 36 Assists
Laporte - ME continues to struggle with defending corners, 35 Goals and 6 Assists

This tactic is just an all round improved version of the LONEWOLF V1 where this tactic scored more goals, conceded less and had a better goal share among the attackers.
elynem said: Quick West Ham test:
- Changed Defensive Line to Standard
- Turned off Get Stuck In
- Moved ST to AM as Shadow Striker

All games done on Holiday.

Great results and good changes for a weaker team.

I have a Strikerless tactic on here which admittedly scored low but in all my own holiday tests is the best tactic I've made, you should give it a try.
Strikerless Till I Die.fmf
Downloaded : 76 times
Uploaded : Mar 16, 2023
OK so this is a very solid 4141 tactic that farms a lot of goals for your Main Forward  with goals also being provided by the to CM(A) midfielders.

As always a full holiday sim was used for testing.

Notable players;

- Mo Salah ended the Season with 73G 14A in all comps
- Thiago ended the Season with 17G 18A
- Virgil ended the Season with 45G in all comps, (ME sucks at defending Set pieces)
- TAA ended the Season with 49A (Was on both Corner taking duties)

This tactic is very solid defensively without sacrificing much offensively.  I think this would be a very effective tactics with all team levels as CM instructions can be adjusted accordingly.
So this is a Strikerless Tactic that uses both DW and IW instead of the 3ss that I previously used, this tactic has had the best Holiday sim run of any Strikerless I've tested. (active in the Tactics Hub discord) 

Have tried this with a DLP but didn't have same defensive solidity as BWM,

It is excellent for forcing goals onto the sole SS and its biggest weakness is that the goal distribution is as varied as some other tactics.  You could tweak the IW to attack perhaps for a better goal share.