3 strikers nice
slowly going back to 424
what is going on
Epic games might sell it cheaper
when will you update the process? it looks so promising I am really looking forward to it.
MakeSuRE said: Tangfu uploaded his newest skin on Steam workshop. You can search and subscribe there.

thank you man
what is this skin name ?
Nice AG
wow win everything
433 enjoyer
ocarty said: I am really surprised that your tactic has only 47 points.
Solid 4-3-3 (4-1-2-3), with standard counter-press, counter and much more often pressing.

i focus on defending too much
Fast counter-attack, Everyone defends
Excuse me what skin are you using it looks good
i think what i am about to say sounds fake but using the first session as match practice second as recovery and third as rest work well with low injury ( it also makes the player's additional focus improve better )