I started a new test with Liverpool and update this tomorrow

Some notes for who is interested to give it a try...

- Full-backs will record dozens of assists, so pacey ones with 12-13 crossing&vision will do wonders
- DMC should is the one who link with centre-backs and buildup so needs to be good distrubitor
- You dont have to use DM in segundo volante, pick talented players with high workrate or aggression
- AMC is will have many clear cut chances so play a scorer even wingers with good finishing.
- STCL needs to be tall and strong of course pace&acc will make diff.
I born in 1989 and 4-4-2 diamond was very popular in early 2000s. Many underdog teams achieved great victories with that formation. Jose's Porto or Terim's Gala are the first examples comes to mind.

This year in FM 24, I started a career to revive my childhood memories. After couples of tactical try and figuring out this year's dynamics, I came up with sth really solid.

I believe results below are insane;

Hope you like it!
Greetings everyone!

I am 34 yrs old content creator from Turkey. I analyze Super League games on my YouTube channel called "Hastalık Bu Futbol" which has nearly 900.000 subscriber. I love the analytic side of this sport, anyway FM has always been part of my life.

4-1-2-3 tactics with DW are awesome this year, I believe credit must go to Delicious, chef and Steelwood. To be honest I do not really like formations that look unrealistic or have no place in real football. That's why I examined it and try to figure out why and how they succeed, and then somehow I tweak them to my liking and to make it more realistic

Screenshots below speak for themselves (on holiday results) but I love to describe the idea for those nerds like me.

Fascinating part of this top tactic is alone DM is always supported by IWs when you posses the ball thats why your midfield is not as empty as it seems. On the other hand when opponent has the possession IWs become almost centre backs  playing on wide thanks to those DWs. Yeah that was the key of my perspective.

I thought WCB with attack could do nearly same positioning pattern. I replaced both IW to WCB. In this way one of DCs became available to occupy higher up the picth, I tested some and picked CM with attack but I am sure you guys will try other variation and totally find the most efficient one.

Anyway even if my tweak won't do anything, I believe at least there is a very solid 3 atb formation on the site now.