ta2199 said: I dont know much about French League. Don't know if this is good or bad xD

I don't know too :) just took them up because they're mediocre according to media prediction. This is a good result for them considering PSG playing Ligue 1. I will try it in my save
ta2199 said: We deserve the 0-2 loss but the 0-1 loss man xD. Fm'ed

Wow, really the good one result, i will try again a bit later. Can you please share tactic here (or PM)? Maybe i missed something
ta2199 said: Also have to changed Mentality to Attacking

Yes, did this too, forgot to mention
ta2199 said: Instant Result. Which team are you playing ?

tried with Nantes and Elche. Nantes performed well but nothing special (was 2nd in my test with Blue 2.0), Elche performed poor (was 4th).
Maybe i did something wrong, but changed SS to CM-A and gave him instructions as second CM-A has
ta2199 said: Unbeaten with Lazio

Is it result via holiday test or you played that games? Because this tweak doesn't work for me that well as Blue 2.0 :(
I can declare — this is the best tactic i used this FM, atleast for me.
I made a couple of holiday tests besides my main save and look at results!

Elche, 20th place predicted, took 4th!
Prutton said: To be honest, it can be many different things. One SS can be worse than the other (low Off The Ball and Anticipation, maybe). Maybe one winger is worse and more assists happen from one side. Maybe the SS is in a horrible form, which can last a long time in this match engine. Maybe he gets tired or injuried too often. Maybe one of the SS is good at passing and often think it's better to pass than shoot, making the other score more. Maybe he always cuts outside and has a foot that favours crossing instead of shooting. As you can see, there are too many possible causes. It's hard to know. With me, goals are pretty evenly distributed.

Understood, last question, do you buy strikers (ofc with pass, off the ball etc) and teach team SS or AMC?
From my experience, the best goalscorers were AMC.
Look at this beast bought for 1.5m
Prutton said: After Messi and CR retired it got easier, right? Just kidding, good job there! I wonder how much weaker you are than those teams you started to beat.

Haha, looks like this. Btw, Messi is the Head of Youth Development in Almeria, lol.
Can you help to understand why some players at SS scoring every match while others even who have good shooting are absolutely crap scoring near 5-7 goals per season.
@Prutton We finally becoming something more than just a team of fools in Europe. Won Barca two times, Juventus, lost to Ajax 2 times though.. But we could do more already 3-4 seasons ago if Russian champion would be in 1st pot at UCL draw, we always in 4th pot
I have a little tweak (if it could be called a tweak at all) - set attacking mentality while playing vs teams weaker than you. It allows to converse xG to real goals (because i had FM'ed games with 3+xG and 0-0)
Prutton said: This is the best player in my team. He has been with me since the lowest division, but now he won't renew because my team is not good enough.

Wow, your difficulties can't compare with mine. This is your Vardy or Andy King. Really strange behavior. We got in the group with Real M and Chelsea again and we won Real 1-0 and lost them 0-1. I must to say i hate EPL teams, they are so rich and powerful
Prutton said: Started with the worst team in Sweden, predicted last in the lowest division and worst facilities, including a 500 people stadium. Got promoted to the elite and finally became professional. I thought I would need to stay two years in the second division, but managed to get promoted in the playoffs. Now I want to win the Allsvenskan (first division) before moving to the lowest division of Brazil.

Ah, nice save too, i think you could win it in 3 years max
Prutton said: Just remember to upgrade your youth facilities, increase youth coaching and get a good head of youth development, to make sure your youth players are the best. That plus hiring the promising youth from other teams is what makes a team become a force in development, as well as top training facilities and coaching staff.

Yes, thank you, we already almost the best in Russia in all areas. What about your save? Or you don't play that much?
Prutton said: Is that the team you support? Since I never heard of Baltika, I assume it's from a lower division. It's really satisfying to become an elite team coming from below.

Yes, it's my local team :) Came from FNL (2nd division of Russia by force) Not lowest division but i can watch them playing in euro cups only in FM
Prutton said: It's fine, it's nice to see you becoming a force in Russia despite having weak players and low budget. Too bad tactics alone isn't enough to win against Liverpool, Barcelona and Bayern Munich yet.

My results for last season. I think we became a force in Russia, even dominant i would say. Now, my goal is to become a force in Europe. I wonder if we ever could win UCL.
Next season i have to prepare my squad for new players incoming, so i must say goodbye to Sessegnon, Demjanov, Zainutdinov and Rosier. I would like to sell Ndongo and Riquelme also but they don't want to left us.

I also expect Matvey Safonov help us next season. He is a prospective goalkeeper IRL (i hope he'll be signed this summer) and now he is adult and experienced goalkeeper in FM. We bought him at winter but he got injured for 4 months and we left with 19 y.o. keeper.
Prutton said: If Atlético finished behind Elche in real life, we would finally see Simeone losing his job.
Haha, i think he manages them his whole life

First of all, i'm sorry, if i reply so much here, but i hope that i help some people here.
I haven't seen so equal stats before, Dinamo is a powerful team in Russia 7 years later

Look at this Cup Final match.. what a penalty shootout we had
I have another shocking holiday test (at least for me).
Elche - 20th pred. took 4th place. There was a big losing streak during March-April (7 matches lost including Real, Barca and Valencia).
Prutton said: Can't be helped. Your team has a budget 100 times smaller than most teams from UCL and you are developing youth, which takes time. To be honest, can't imagine even the best russian team succeeding in a group with Chelsea and Porto. Keep improving and it will come.

Yeah, that's true and i understand that we must to develop. Now i'm trying to buy all available prospective youngsters and i'm sure next season we make in Round of 16
Prutton said: Thank you for the tests! Let me know how your UCL unfolds.

I had an offensive draw vs Brondby which didn't allow me to made in Round of 16 in UCL :(
Won Porto and Brondby and 2 draws with Chelsea and Brondby.
Also, 1 lost match vs Rostov left me without invincible status in first half of the season and again, they had 0.5 xG while we had 1.4 xG so it's a bit of FM in that match.
Forgot to mention, we 7th pred.

It's interesting to see how team will play without Riquelme because he's a beast in my save. I signed him free from Atletico B, this summer many EPL clubs wanted to sign him and were ready to pay 15 millions for him, but he rejected them all
Holiday test with Nantes (pred. 12th). AM takes training, asked to use current squad.
And once again, @Prutton, well done, thanks!