oft 26 disgusting haha thinking even tho im undefeated in the league i might need to change my tactic haha
Formation i am currently using as cardiff doing decent so far striker could be alot better so if anyone wants to tweak on you go :)
Roman Empire 4312 that has got me 80% win rate over two clubs won the double with Wrexham then moved to stoke won one cup and been promoted from league 1 so far
4231 formation that took me to the league two title could deffo be tweaked for being better for the defense and i havent tested it for any other club
New Tactic i've been working on and using for half season with rangers and so far so good some really good results especially in Europe.
please test and If any tactical magician could help me turn this in to a beast would be so thankful hating the strikerless formations with a passion
Done Bud
After taking over Arsenal and struggling at the end of the season changed to a 4231 currently defying odds and battling for the league and finally beating and competing with the big guns did suffer defeat in the cup but played a very weak team not tried with smaller club yet so not sure if it will be as good.
Roman Empire
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There you go :)
Started with rangers won treble and also got to the Europa league final first season 78 games played 87% win rate hoping for a decent showing with other teams in stronger leagues currently in second season and qualified from my Champions League group containing Barcelona & Ac Milan and PSV.
Roman Empire 4312.fmf
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