Also, schedule very easy friendlies as it helps create those green lines between the players you see. They are very important. But the most important thing is squad morale
Ιn away games, go to cautious mentality. If the opponent is a top top club go to defensive mentality, even at home games
Finally won the Bundesliga with Bochum, while predicted 7th at the start of the season. Set pieces are key in this tactic
Bochum , 4th in 1st season, 2nd in 2nd season . Reached round of 16 in ucl ,losing to chelsea
Updated version of my 352 classic tactic. Changed the ball playing defenders form cover to defend duty and pushed back the defensive line to standard. Finished 2nd with Cosenza in 1st season in Serie A , while predicted dead last with 2000-1 odds.
finished 3rd with maritimo , dont know why the test didnt go well
A classic 352 shape. Got Everton mixed in the title fight until the last matchday of the season. Thanks to @Delicious  for the inspiration as well.
did you try with a higher defensive line ?
sweeper keeper (def) : -
ball playing defender (def) , left and right : stay wider
ball playing defender (def),middle, : -
wing backs(attack) : cross more often,cross aim centre , dribble more, stay wider
segundo volante (support),both sides : dribble more, move into channels, tackle harder
shadow striker : shoot more often
advanced forwards : -
A new updated version of my old tactic, tested this time with Southampton , and achieving my best ever result in the Premier League, finishing 2nd with 81 points.
Zippo said: by testing all of them? :)

(N) just indicates that it's been tested on our new tactic testing league.

23.4.0 is the latest patch and there's has been any other patch since.

Alright then , thank you very much
Excuse me , I know this isnt the correct forum , but I want to ask what is the difference of the 23.4.0 (N) patch compared to the 23.4.0 . I have searched on the web but I cant seem to find anything regarding this new update. Furthermore , the game itself hasnt downloaded any new patch . Once again, knowing that this is the wrong forum , but it seems to be the most active. Apologies for any incoveniences.
A great counter attacking tactic,tested with Everton, predicted 13th and arrived 2nd there at the end. Also got the most goals from corners with 15 ( of the total 83 ).