No OI's. I don't even listen to Asistant advice before or during the game
Adjustment of 433_HoF_Tweak for 23.3.0 patch
Changes IF (A) > IW (A)
Removed more risky passes where possible
Corner and throw-in routines tweaked
Corner taker right IW  - left footed.

This tactic is a Tweak of 433 Hall of Fame by @Delicious

Changes to original tactic:
BWM(De) > DLP(De)
Added TI Work Ball Into Box
All Players PI Tackle Harder removed (except of SK(De)
TI Get Stuck in removed
Tempo changed Higher > Lower
Time Wasting changed Never > Frequently
Some additional tweaks to Set Pieces (free kicks)


This tactic is a tweak of this tactic -

Tactic isn't made by me
Only small modification implemented; changed AM form T to SS and Set pieces updated.
Just half season played so far but results with Bayern are interesting.
Could you please test it?

Bayern U19:
Dimartino said: That's clearly an overstatement, as I just tweak tacticas from the top tacticians. Obviously I understand that Phoenix is one of the best tactics around, but I don't know why, I was not getting consistent results. Dominating almost every match with high xG, failing tons of easy chances, but a lot of unfair of 1-0, 2-1 losses. With this one I'm scoring more, with consistent good results, and it seems like the opposition has a hard time playing against me. I don't like to waste my or your time with nonsence. When I share something, it's because I really think it's worthy. A bit surprised with the test result, but It's not the first time something that really works for me, to have a bad test result.

Small advice  - if you observe something like above for a few matches clear the squad and ste your startup 11 for nearest match again. Works for me either it was PHX_5 either now ZAZ Blue3.0
3 defenders and 3 strikers. I'm wondering from whom you have taken inspiration for this :blink:
Could you please test this? Creator is White Europe.
Is there anyway to convince you?
Hi Are you going to test it @Zippo
Could you please test this tactic.
Ok OP changed.
My tactic has B2B & Regista at CM and DM positions.
Wingers on support Vs Defensive wingers in other tested tactics.
Other Differences between my tactic and those already  by you:
Mentality - Positive vs Attacking in other tactics
In Possession:
Shorter passing vs Slightly shorter passing
Run at defence unmarked vs Run at defence marked in other tactics

Above hasn't been tested yet.
@Zippo could you please also test healmuth APDM mod I think deserves a test.
I t will make sense to call it whatever you want If it get score 7.1.:-)
Name is APDM_S MOD - as I say I'm not a original creator of tactic, which is Magician. APDM MOD-ification is being done by healumth - _S means I've altered set pieces  (corners mainly) - and MOD means I've changed APDM into B2B_reg. Have Been member of FM base SI for too long to "catch" any benefits form original creator of tactic for someone else. My tactic is just a modification of:
Magicani Phoenix 1.0 > Haelmuth mod APDM>
I think all forums (FM base, SI) should work like this.
Guys like Knap TFF (hmm) , should find best formations for given FM edition - then just relay on forum guys to modify/tinker. From my experience every single cm/FM edition has a game breaker Plug&play tactic - diablo like (2004 - right?????)  Overall goal is to win everything either it will be top 10 world clubs or  6 tier san marino league (egh - no:-)
Pierluigi @Droid  - added sorry and THX
additional  stuff:
I was (still I'm ) a reader of FM base or Si Community page, Not  big fun of Knap though - guy is producing "fuckilions" of tactic every single year, doing his tests within 1 hour, diff form etc  - huge respect for him for still doing this. TTFF- hmmm guy was goood in 2017-18... but he liked to be the best too much. For me the best game breaker tactics creator were Mr. Langvatn or Mr Hough. Single tactic /formation - game breakers- improved by creators or forums members.
take a look at Si forum - dominated by KNAP ... that's why I've log in into FMarena and decide to write something we need fresh look and tests like "attributes impact"

Can you test this tactic?