Can u please send screenshots for xbox players?

Set pieces and for individuals etc.
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Marck said: frist game

do you mean red?

No he posted a new tweak yesterday with attacking mentality.
Marck said: frist game

Try latest tweak, i think it’s better
ZaZ said: Spoiler

GK: Take Fewer Risks
DR/L: Shoot Less Often, Get Further Forward, Tackle Harder
DC: Dribble Less, Tackle Harder
DM: Hold Position, Tackle Harder
MR/L: Take More Risks, Cross From Byline, Shoot Less Often, Get Further Forward
MC: Take More Risks, Shoot Less Often, Move Into Channels, Tackle Harder
SS: Tackle Harder

Set pieces are the same as Blue 3.0, with images in the first post.

My version was almost identical, but had DM with dribble less and CM with dribble more, and didn't have Force Oposition Outside, but it seems to work better with those instructions taken from Lida, from fm-base.

Thank you! I’ll try it tonight. In your tests does it perform better than Blue 3?
ZaZ said: It's actually a variant of Red, the "parent" of Blue, since I couldn't improve much from positive mentality. I'm using data from the end of season to optimize it, meaning dribbles per game, chances created, key passes and goals. DLP was switched to DM since it's not contributing much with chances created, to remove "take more risks". SK was also changed to defend for a similar reason, to stop giving away possession.

However, I found a tactic with similar roles in fm-base. Since it was posted 5 days after Red and Blue, it has probably inspiration on them, or maybe in Phoenix that was also released a couple of days after Red and Blue. Problem is, the player instructions of that tactic are pretty close to what I was coming up, but just copying their player instructions is giving me slightly better results for weaker teams.

I will post it down here if someone wanna test it, but I'm still making experiments myself.

P.S.: If anyone is curious about the data I talk about, it's something like this:

As you can see, the DLP is creating as "many" chances of goal as the BPD, meaning their "take more risks" is probably just giving away possession instead of doing anything useful.

I can try it mate, could you please screenshots for Xbox?
ZaZ said: I am going to tell a couple of names without looking at the price, checking only attributes from fminside.net. It's hard to say for sure because some leagues only allow a certain number of foreign players. I will also ignore hidden attributes that could be undesirable and players over 30 years old.

GK: https://fminside.net/players/43252073-gianluigi-donnarumma
DR: https://fminside.net/players/28104124-trent-alexander-arnold
DCR: https://fminside.net/players/85075627-raphael-varane
DCL: https://fminside.net/players/37024025-virgil-van-dijk
DL: https://fminside.net/players/67211695-theo-hernandez
DM: https://fminside.net/players/24016925-mateo-kovacic
ML: https://fminside.net/players/91138280-leroy-sane
MC: https://fminside.net/players/18004457-kevin-de-bruyne
MR: https://fminside.net/players/28054109-raheem-sterling
AMCR: https://fminside.net/players/85139014-kylian-mbappe
AMCL: https://fminside.net/players/98028755-mohamed-salah

Thank you ZaZ, when will you release your new tactic and how it’s going better than V3? :)
ZaZ said: It's hard because it depends on the club and league. For example, most top players don't want to to play in Brazil, Sweden or lower teams from England. There are also lots of budget players with stats decided at game generation. The perfect team would also cost too much to be realistic, since very few teams can afford the likes of Mbappé.

Okay than could you just post bargain eleven.

You don't put players that are not too expensive like mbappe or felix
ZaZ said: It's set as MR/L from the same side, but it's often someone else with higher attribute that takes them. These attacking corner routines are copied from Motion.

Mate if it’s possible could you post your favorite 11 for your tactic. Because i like it sooo much.

It would be perfect if you can do it for high-mid-underdog teams, thank you in advance.
x360wizard said: Ridiculous tactic won the treble first season with Aston Villa, then the league with Leeds just to check it wasnt a fluke. sometimes the DM gets a low rating but other than that this is THE best tactic for fm21.

Can you post your first 11 :)
just me said: yes they did lol... and it was with my second best 11

Could you post your first 11 :)
Asstem said: Tested 3 more times
Results for 5 test:
The best is 352pts
Worst is 311pts
On 5 test average it turned out:
ca 165 188,8
ca 140 143.6

Which tactic is the best one in testing?
Do u guys can recommend some bargain shadow strikers?
Thank you so much mate!

Magician said: Hi,

The PIs in v4.0 and the PIs in v5.0 PIs are the same - https://fm-arena.com/thread/784-phoenix/page-8/#comment-3682

The only what I changed in v5.0 is the attacking throw-ins - https://fm-arena.com/thread/1035-attacking-throw-ins-set-pieces-for-21-4-0-patch/[/quote]
Markizio said: @Exsodya, I'm not sure what you ask for but if you ask for Phoenix 5.0 Team Instructions then here you go:

Thank youuuu so much bro!!

Can you Pls share set pieces too?
Hi bro can you share your tactic like that spoiler  pls..


It’s different on Xbox.
I'm playing on the Xbox.  Could you please share tactic’s screenshots for me? :angel:

And set pieces pls :blink:
Magician said: The team instructions are on the vid I posted.

I couldn’t see the defensive line mate
Magician said: The left winger should take the left corners and the right winger should take the right corners.

The right inverted wing-back should take the throw-ins from the right side and the left inverted wing-back should take should the throw-ins from the left side.

The other set-pieces aren't that important.

Mate can you show In possesion, in transition and out possesion too because Xbox tactic setting is kinda hard. Thank you in advance
Magician said: Here you go:


Thank’s a lot! tactical features, are they just the visible one? Transitions, in possesion etc.