Since Inverted Wing-Backs are so hard to find, is there any way to change the DR and DL to Wing-Backs or Full-Backs, without sacrificing too much? Cheers
djdomo said: is there a Conditions Saving Tactic for this :)

I've attached a condition saving version.
FANATIC condition save.fmf
Downloaded : 383 times
Uploaded : Mar 21, 2021
jayZ said: does is still work?

I really love this tactic, moved to it from Phoenix V4. Way more realistic with a striker. I couldn't really see any difference between the 21.4 version and the previous one, but I updated my "condition saving" version of this tactic that I like to use when leading by 3+ goals or in pointless matches. It's way less intense.
COMET V2 condition save.fmf
Downloaded : 317 times
Uploaded : Mar 16, 2021