I don't like all this updates (changes in ME) and waiting for new database (leagues mostly) extensions so I buy new version around June, when there's a promo on steam :D
About removing one player - I almost never score when I remove striker. Removing one of the wingers works better for me.
ZaZ said: DMs usually get low rating, despite being probably the most important players of the tactic.

In one season in Polish 5th tier league (semi-pro club) my DM was the best player of the team. Many key passes and assist, and also a long-distance goal every few games :)

Hes score was almost always above 7.0.
You can't import it, but you can recreate it ;)
I think the possiblity of creating a gamechanger tactics at this stage is very low. No one will spend they precious time for doing meaningless tests. Remember it's someones time and machine (and also energy cost). It isn't fully automated.
MisterCMS said: Is there an expected release date for a new patch?

For FM 21 it was:
- 21.1.3 - 3rd December
- 21.2.2 - 8th January
- 21.3.0 - 23rd February
- 21.4.0 - 17th March

I would suggest to wait for the first patch.
Teamwork. Teamwork. Teamwork.

Plus Match Tactics and Team Bonding ;)
Yea, I agree. DW are more cautious and create a lot more clear chances in the middle than wingers and they almost-never-delivered crosses xD

does it make any difference if my SS's are left- or rightfooted?