Milakus said: That's really some bad news here... because FM Touch is what I've been playing :(

Also, "Versus Mode" is confusing as hell... some versions will have and some note... for God sake, I'm really very sad about how SI handle things! :(

FM touch is the best version.
RDFTactics said: Tested your tactic and it did NOT disappoint! Well done on a great tactic

So all you do is promote your YT channel? Alrighty then
Uuuuh a lil sumthin' sumthin' :D it know it tested lower than Blue but how did your own testing compare to blue?
Is the difference between blue, light blue & dark blue only the mentality?
Seems to get good results with top teams.
Anyone else tried this?
dakiri said: In addition, I believe FM Arena already tested this tactic:


I know this because I agree, this looks incredible when you play with a top team and I wish tactics that looked like this were more successful. But unfortunately the results were kinda subpar overall. Shame.

Valhalla is pretty successful :) especially if you look at peoples screenshots in the comments.
It wont be tested before theres screenshots
infxamus said: I have added V3, I think its better than V2

Am i the only one thinking hacks means something else entirely within gaming than asked here?
How come this hasnt been tested?
ZaZ said: It is pretty good, just not the best in ideal conditions.

Ideal conditions is a funny thing tho. It wont represent 95% of the players using the tactics so it isnt something you should lean on too much.
Seems to be a pretty good tactic tbh.
Agreed. Its really really good
cryptoly said: the tactic is different from your screenshot.

Pretty sure the screenshot is just to show the formation and its the "old" version.
How come this hasnt been tested yet? Seems pretty good tbh
He makes decent tactics (last year was good for him) but its clear that hes benefitting from fast wingers (look at salahs goals and it also makes sense seeing how the game cant handle fast players) so im not sure the striker is actually needed there.
Hi everyone.

So many of us have tried it. Players (including during transfers) demanding higher and higher wages to the point where it seems unreasonable and almost spins out of control.

How do you handle it? Any tips?

Do you guys increase their wages but lower their bonuses? Increase bonuses but lower base salary?
144 goals scored and 15 against. jesus
No results?