giannis the greek
roggiotis said: Finally , a tactic with a striker and a balance mentality

yes but 4.7 is not good :)
Solaris said: They upload game saves after every test so you can download them and check any info you wish.

Yes of course !I know the test is real
! I do not dispute it! just unbelievable to get 93 points with atalanta a tactic 4.7
Zippo said: Hi,

It should show a correct formation now.

OK thank you very much ! It seems unbelievable to me that <<calcio>> has better scores than <<grece 4231>>:)
Sorry but...why my tactic looks 4-4-2 ? Maybe you did test another tactic?
in my first season in atalanta! super result! I prefer right foot (amr) left foot (aml)! 80% of the matches were played with the tactic 4-2-3-1! there is another 4-2-2-2-0 tactic that I put in some matches that I wanted to play more defense! I will upload both tactics!
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Greece 4231.fmf
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UPDATE ! I thing this version will be mutch better !! Please test it !!
Olympiacos ECL(2).fmf
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hi to everyone !this is my 4-2-2-1-1 tactic ! Treble with olympiacos the first season ! OI's to assistant manager!
olympiacos ECL.fmf
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