not bad
Who takes corners?
Hi, Can you let me know who takes what on Throw-ins, corners etc...?
Exsodya said: No he posted a new tweak yesterday with attacking mentality.

I can not find it at all. me who is blind or ??
frist game

Exsodya said: Try latest tweak, i think it’s better

do you mean red?
frist game
Who takes corners?
not bad
want to try with man utd, who do you want to use as AMC?
just me said: Atletico madrid second season

can one be allowed to see your start 11?
will you think it's the best start 11?
after having problems with my pc, and downloaded fm again, I think this tactic will fit perfectly with liverpool, how will you say the best start 11 looks
Eric said: I would go with this

cool thx

Would you like to use Pedri as backup for Griezman? and fati as backup for coutinho?
me and a friend have chosen to make an online game, he is real madrid i am barcelona, ​​what will the best start 11 look like with barcelona
want to hear if anyone will help with how you will line up with Arsenal?