alex said: @Lampochka97  Where is the Goal_Machine El Chapo tweak tactic? Can you put a link to the tactic thread? And maybe some results? Thanks

He put a link brother...

Zippo said: To say honestly, this tactic doesn't bring anything that's really new to the table but since it's been getting some attention from the community ( at least few people shared their results ) we've given it a go.


thank u very much!
Middleweight165 said: Why hasn't this been tested?

ZaZ said: Last test happened two months ago. I believe that's it for this version, it also stopped in most other test sites. New version is coming soon.

:( :( :(
abdullah said: this tactic is great

Fantastic! Thanks for testing
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JTC said: A stronger pacey striker playing in the middle as AF is an advantage. Ricky-Jade Jones in my Wrexham save plays the middle AF role and scored 19 in 15 league games and 23 in 23 games overall. League One through half season.

Wrexham scored 73 goals in 23 games (half season). For your reference the champion of League One in the previous season (Derby) scored a total of 70 goals whole season and won the league.

Formation has extremely high intensity and is therefore very demanding on players. I suggest adjusting training intensity to as follows to keep players fresh and minimize injuries:

The two F9 on either side can be re-trained from AML and AMR. Run down flanks and move into channel traits would be a huge advantage.

Many cards each game (but surprisingly few red ones). Reduced number of fouls if players get full familiarity with the formation (as in all cases). So priority is to train tactical familiarity (tactics, teamwork and match review).

I am pleasantly surprised at both the few red cards and also goals conceded (even though on very attacking mentality) although I think this may have to do with the fact that: (i) going hard does not mean going dirty; and (ii) very attacking mentality and pressing intensity force your opponents backwards and give them fewer chances to attack or keep possession which in turn reduce the goal threats. Of course there will still be goals scored against you and a lot too if your two BPD are not up to standard.

The most surprising thing this formation has for me is the use of CWB on attack. I have never used a CWB before and I always have doubts over how this role works. But it works wonders. The player is just everywhere down the flank. When on attack he is a winger going to byline to cross. When on defence he is a FB pressing on the opponent's wingers. Make sure you have two players (at least) for each side for CWB - need full rotation.

Attack play gradually becomes a bit monotonous - but who cares.

Great high scoring formation.

thanks for the superb feedback!!! :love:
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PSG... I couldn't resist...:angel: :devil:
nator said: I have noticed that strikers with good heading ability ( tall , jumbing and heading) are the best for the AF role do you agree or i should give more oppurtonities to fast players?

If he has a good finishing atribute don't know why you shouldn't try... tell us how it works!
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CBP87 said: Very impressive with Liverpool, undefeated in the league, won the treble and Salah scored 97 goals in all comps. Well done :thup:

Thanks for testing it! Very glad you like it!
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hamsikarmino said: Hey can you upload the squad page. Wanna see how the rest of the team performed, who provided the most assists, how the other false nines performed...

Sorry my friend, but a just ran it in hollyday and take the screenshots. But you can have an idea of the assists in the league table screen!
the tatic!
Hi! Hope this one can be tested... :angel: ;)

It's a tweak from the V4 of this site: https://www.playgm.cn/forum.php?mod=viewthread&tid=944781&extra=page%3D1%26filter%3Dtypeid%26typeid%3D560

Your strikes gonna love it... and you too!

Tests in hollyday mode...
tests are over?
Lampochka97 said: Holiday