A offensive 4132. 2 titles with Sociedad on hollyday.
A 433 with 3 DMs and 2 SSs
The idea was to use all the playmakers roles...
Hamza azlag said: can i have please instruction player for PS5?

Of course! Sorry for the delay!
3 AFs and some PIs
Tweaked some PIs and 3 AFs
3 AFs and 3 DMs
Another formamtion with 3 defenders
PFat to CFat
RGAsu to DMsu
BWMde to DMsu
AMat to AMsu
Couple of PIs
Six up front!
Inviting some playmakers to the party
tazz2113 said: looks good, most defiantly giving it a go

great! share your results!
Another 3 defenders formation
The classic Messi's position with the revolutionary style of Fernando Diniz
With a AM instead a CM
Trying to recreate the iconic Messi role in Pep's Barça
Change DMsu to Volsu
A more traditional five up front
With a assimetric front five