I found this tactic on fmscout and wanna know if it is such as good as title says "BROKEN Meta 3421 FM24 Tactics! (250+ Goals!)" Attachement and tacticfile downloaded from fmscout page. https://www.fmscout.com/c-fm24-tactics.html?id=11364
Final Tactic. I combined the changes of V3 and V4. Changed FB to WB and DM to RPM.

First Try All Trophys won with Arsenal.

Second try with 5 Teams in big five leagues

third try with 5 teams predicted as lowest table team in big five leagues
I changed FB to WB
I changed in this Version the DM to RPM on support
I changed DM from support to bbm on support
I changed this tactic only on the wings. i use Raumdeuter. everything else is like the original tactic. For testing i use Arsenal. I use the original Team without transfers. i went on holiday while using this tactic.
I use Arsenal for testing. I use 2 Secundo Voalnte ind the middle and 2 Raumdeuter on the WIngs
I tested this tactic with 5 Teams. 

2.Union Berlin
3.Olympique Marseille
4.AS Roma
I tested with Arsenal again.
i tested with Arsenal. all tactics i upload i get not sacked :)
Tested with Arsenal. My second try of an own tactic.
This is the first try of an own tactic. All Players are on tackle harder