I edited the link to fix it, it should show up correctly now. It is still the same tactic as the attachments
I tested this tactic with 2 different teams that were better relative to their league. Target forwards are not really popular especially as a lone striker so yet I enjoy using them in my tactics. It also doesn't use the traditional counter-press, instead uses regroup with a lower defensive line so it is more of a counter attacking tactic

I don't expect it to be a record breaking tactic but could possibly be decent if people like to switch up their tactics from the regular high-line press with the advance forward up top or like playing counter attacking football.

I used this on full holiday with injury on and no transfer and I believe that especially in milan if Hernandez was not injured for long stints the tactic would have produced even better results.

For Galatasaray I used them due to them having good wingers and 2 good target forwards, but they lacked the work rates and quality wing backs to maximize efficiency.