This is my 433 tactic, played with Marseille on season 1.
I won Ligue 1 and went on champion's league semi final

Here is my FM version of Tudor's tactics with Marseille,

Here's some results

This is my tactic I used with Man city this season. Here some results

Here my first tactic in FM22.
It's a 343 with offensive center backs.
I won Ligue 1 and Champions League with PSG, I lost only 2 games in 1 year.

Can you please test it ? thanks !
Hi !

I create a tactics with 3 defenders and 1 striker.
I had really good results with it, and good statistics (see screenshots).
My season is not finished yet but I didn't lose any game so far.

Can you test it please ? thanks a lot !
Oh yes, sorry. Wrong copy-paste
4312 - FAST.fmf
Downloaded : 255 times
Uploaded : Jan 4, 2021
Sure !

My season is not finished yet
Hi !

I created this tactic and has very good results with Dortmund.
Can you test it please ?

Thanks !

460 tactic, played with Lille. I love strikerless tactics so I made a new one, where everyone in the team can score.

I had some great results with it, see my champions league games.

Please can you test it ?

Thanks !
I created a strikerless tactics which works fine, I won the champions league with it on my second season with Lille.

Thanks for testing !
460 -Sunrise.fmf
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Uploaded : Apr 16, 2020