Madundwa said: I am not well versed on how to do set-pieces, it is why I keep going back to fm19 because your fm19 tactics were a godsend. I have noticed during highlights on the latest fm21 patch using rego throw that a lot of players get pulled towards the person throwing as if they on come short instruction and they tend to pull markers with them, I think if you tweak it maybe it could be another great setpiece, one of the tweaks could perhaps be having someone mark the keeper, it seems the keeper comes to get most of it or is it that the match engine favors the keeper this way? I see these things but I do not know how to implement them into the game.

i will see if i can make something with it today
Madundwa said: The tactic I am using is the 442rob 2 high from fm19, I had to load my fm19 and wrote down the instructions, and copied the offensive set pieces including the rego throws and its working brilliantly.

if you have fm 20 you can import your fm19 tactic to your fm20 and save it then start fm21 and import that tactic to your fm21 at the end should have your fm19 tactic in your fm21 if that makes sense lol
Madundwa said: Sorry to go off-topic boss, I don't know whether it was a fluke, or have you tested on this fm21, your pyramid long-throw setup from fm19? I just managed to score 3 goals in one match using the Rego long throw, the first time I tried it on the latest fm21 patch.

all good mate i tested it early on when 21 first come out but not in the new patch sounds like i have to go back and try it out
maybe dropping the wings down a notch in line with the dlp  making them a inverted wing back on attack duty will help the defense out a lot
could you please test this tactic everytime i test this it turns out the best results for me
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could you please test this tactic for me please
!THE BOSS!.fmf
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Food for thought on the testing by dropping a certain stat on the test to find how important that stat is. It maybe just important for that tactic maybe you will get a different result on a tactic that's not so reliant on pace and acceleration?
thank you
i added the right tactic in the original post could you please test again sorry about the stuff up
oh sorry i uploaded the wrong tactic
could you please test this tactic i like how this style seems to bring everyone into play with goal scoring opportunities
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well after banging out 221 different tactics on fm base like a frenzied monkey i can see why he is coming up with these names.
i would have a lot more respect for the guy if he come up with say 5 quality tactics but 221?
bit like backing the whole field in a horse race and calling yourself a master punter
just another version of fireball without strikers could you please test this one as well
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thanks for the quick response
can you please test this tactic results from holiday mode with man city 1st season
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i have noticed a difference 2 striker tactics a performing better for me now
cadoni said: Seems like a lot of copies is out there. Nice one Knap!

the guy has 55 tactics on fm base of course people are going to be close to one of his he floods the market then has people like you going around oh you copied him
maybe they should put a restriction on the amount your aloud
could you please test this tactic thanks
4-1-3-2 MONSTER v2.fmf
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magicnut said: Wow lad u won the league with city?
Got me bouncing up and down excitement.
I also heard about a lad won the league with barcelona and messi scored some goals that also got me real interested.

and what have you come up with or contributed ? probably like in real life nothing
this was my results using man city first season