Zippo said: Please, could you remove the tactic that was upload by accident.

done thanks
Chewbacca said: @rego8, are you sure you uploaded a correct tactic? It doesn't match for me with the tactic on the screenshot.

i uploaded again thank you
version 2 of my moat tactic just a few changes in this one i used holiday mode scored 184 goals won all cups i feel this has improved a lot see if it shows in a test
Mark said: I am pretty impressed that an old TFF tactic would still rate so well. Reckon with a bit of tweaking it could be very competitive. TFF was truly amazing. Always followed his tactics from FM14 on. I really miss that he no longer produces tactics. What a legend.

Definitely worth a tinker would not take much to get it up there
Oh OK no problem as long as tff gets the credit for his work
going through old tactics i found this one from the great man himself tff its a tactic from fm 20
im just interested to see how this goes since it has the same shape as the number 1 tactic atm
the only change i made to this tactic was change it from balance to very attacking wich seems to go well this year
this is another version of the original viper tactic but with 1 striker please enjoy any feedback is welcome
i found most of this tactic from one of my old ones in 2019 fm tried it and went off like a rocket dont know how this will go on testing but it is a very attacking tactic i tried this on holiday mode and scored 175 goals but in real gameplay i think will score more im currently playing a season so i will find out if it does soon
please give it a try if you love attacking football you will love this tactic
this tactic is pretty much the same as my other tactic slowmo just a few differnces
i had one in fm 20 i think beast withinvert worked great for me in game but in tests it was terrible
thanks for the test eric looks like they went pretty well with the tactic
first tactic for fm 22 its the most consistent tactic i use in holiday mode in the few runs i made with man city its always 1st
please give it a try see what you think
probably will suit top end teams
with the ss amc i find it works best if the players dont have the trait come deep to get ball
it drops them to deep to get onto the through balls get forward when possible trait is great for these positions
just give it a try might work for you

results are holiday mode first season and results so far in 3rd season
Madundwa said: I was looking at a tactic called vanlose by Liam Bond for fm20, the long throw routine seems to work for fm21.3. these set pieces were slightly overpowered on fm20 especially the far post corner, his version of long-throw seems to do the business on fm21. I invite you to check it out

thank you i will give it a look
been mucking around coming up with a fireball stepback v2 still working on it but come up with this formation dont know if i just got a lucky season or not but would be interested if you could test it for me please
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Uploaded : Mar 2, 2021
Madundwa said: I am not well versed on how to do set-pieces, it is why I keep going back to fm19 because your fm19 tactics were a godsend. I have noticed during highlights on the latest fm21 patch using rego throw that a lot of players get pulled towards the person throwing as if they on come short instruction and they tend to pull markers with them, I think if you tweak it maybe it could be another great setpiece, one of the tweaks could perhaps be having someone mark the keeper, it seems the keeper comes to get most of it or is it that the match engine favors the keeper this way? I see these things but I do not know how to implement them into the game.

i will see if i can make something with it today
Madundwa said: The tactic I am using is the 442rob 2 high from fm19, I had to load my fm19 and wrote down the instructions, and copied the offensive set pieces including the rego throws and its working brilliantly.

if you have fm 20 you can import your fm19 tactic to your fm20 and save it then start fm21 and import that tactic to your fm21 at the end should have your fm19 tactic in your fm21 if that makes sense lol
Madundwa said: Sorry to go off-topic boss, I don't know whether it was a fluke, or have you tested on this fm21, your pyramid long-throw setup from fm19? I just managed to score 3 goals in one match using the Rego long throw, the first time I tried it on the latest fm21 patch.

all good mate i tested it early on when 21 first come out but not in the new patch sounds like i have to go back and try it out
maybe dropping the wings down a notch in line with the dlp  making them a inverted wing back on attack duty will help the defense out a lot
could you please test this tactic everytime i test this it turns out the best results for me
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