another 343 attempt for the new patch maybe just a top team tactic feel free to give it a try
DawidFM said: can u do test with underdog team ?

Will try with Everton when I get home
343 shredder luckystrike i was going for a more defensive tactic but turns out to be more attacking
please try it out see how it goes for you
this is kind of a upgrade of invader not sure if it will score more but its more exciting to watch gives the team a never die attitude haaland scored 107 goals for the season. the whole teams rating are high across all positions
give it a try and enjoy
i think the change to wing backs works a lot better with this tactic going well so far
will give it a try been working on a update of this as well something good about this shape feels solid. hope this tweak goes well
found this tactic i made from last year i dont hold much hope but seems to perform well in holiday test won everything. just curious to see how it goes in a test
Zippo said: Yup, there's a lot of tactical instructions that almost do nothing.

When you see that many different tactic instructions you get the impression that the game is very complicated and deep but in reality most of them almost do nothing. :)

i think tff was on to that a few years back i noticed he started putting out tactics with little instructions and left it mainly with individual instructions
Tejash said: @rego8 Wow, why not tested yet?

not sure been no test maybe he is having a day off
a more defensive tactic 442 only tested with man city so far conceded only 10 goals please try let me know how it goes
just tried with everton
best tactic i feel so far i come up with won all cups 108 points
feels so strong please give it a try tell me how it goes for you
Metal said: Who's tired of him? He's been here just over a day, so how can you talk on behalf of everyone on the forum?

There are no followers, I've explained there are people plagiarising other people's work and it's not just knap tactics but youtubers as well. They're all getting called out, so stop the victim bullshit.

If the tactic looks the same, with the same team instructions, same formation shape, same player instructions and only one or two things changed, then somebody is using another person's work and passing it as their own which deserves taking down.

Since it happens to be the no 1 tactic on this site, it's going to get attention and when I was sent the knap tactic before this westhammer was released I noticed everything was the same. So what is the chance of someone creating the exact same tactic with one guy being somewhere in asia and some guy in Europe?

knap lover i didnt say the forum is tired of him i said people
this is why i dont like sites where knap is involved he spams the site with 1 million tactics and has his toxic followers beating down on anyone who gets close to his tactics
what im really trying to say jeffdekker is piss off with your toxic shit back to knap before you get decked people are tired of you
if you are like me and enjoy a good attacking tactic that smashes other teams give this one a try
only tested it with a big team so far and got 178 goals but interested to see how it performs for others
there is a solution to all of this when you post a tactic just give knap the credit because sure as shit he has one the same in his encyclopedia thick book of tactics
trying another tactic bit more defensive works well for me invader 343
changed a few things with original to fit more with man city in mind new tactic at the start if you want to give it a try
Rince said: Wow, you scored 155 with Man City. It looks like a scoring monster.

I wonder if it also work with lesser teams.

im not sure i have not tried it with another team yet
i made this tactic last year and seems to have performed ok the test was done in holiday mode
its very attacking will testagain on maybe positive
won everything but lost champions cup in final 3-2