Filer974 said: It's very good
thanks for the test
Made based on the 'Positive Tiki Taka Tweak' tactic. thanks to the creator

: Inside Foward -> Inverted Winger
  Added 'Pass in to space'

Tested with Norwich and finished runners-up with the most goals scored in the first season
won the league cup

I saw a notice that if there is a good response from other communities, it will be tested

Ranked 10th in the tactical ranking. I also attach a link

I hope it will be a test. Please let me know if the test element is missing
Tested with Tottenham. good results!

my last tactic in this shape

The difference is that the tempo is the maximum and the width is the narrowest.

Please test it! I think you will get the best results from this shape tactic.
ZaZ said: Maybe they won't test because it's Blue DW with WM instead, so it's just too similar to something already tested.

P.S.: Nevermind, just remembered Blue DW wasn't tested in this patch.

thank you! I know it hasn't been tested on version 4.0. And I also think that the role of a wide midfielder is an important change in tactics.
Test please hahaha
For those who want to play a wide midfielder
Tactics with a wide midfielder

Very good results, please test
irapbot said: it's good bro

Thank you for using it, bro. try the final version too, i think it's better
FINAL ver Tested with Aston Villa

no transfer, no load play

first seoson winner

I think it's the best out of the 3 versions.

F9 -> AF
Inside forward -> inverted winger
Higer Tempo -> Extremely High Tempo
please test haha
Aston Villa wins the League Cup, FA Cup semi-final, advances to the Champions League

please test
mika aaritalo said: is it work for underdog?

I've played a few games with Everton and it's been fine.
Hello, the tactic I will introduce this time is a tactic with two Segundo Volantes (attacks).

This is also a rare formation.

Aston Villa won the first season as a result of the test

Only two matches were tested at Manchester City. Leicester 8-1 at home and 5-1 away at Liverpool

The peculiar thing is that the team guidelines are very narrow.

I recommend it to anyone looking for a unique tactic.
It's a formation that ARENA doesn't have much. squid shape formation

I recommend it to anyone who wants to use a 3-line winger.

Great result for Manchester United

May I ask for a test? Thank you
Version 1 hasn't been tested yet, but version 2 has good results, so I'm uploading it

Arsenal 2 season quadruple

Tactics using a wide playmaker!

I think it's a bit better than version 1

Can you test version 2 as well?

I look forward to it, thank you always
It's a formation that doesn't exist in the ARENA.

First Seoson Won the League and FA Cup

League 113goal!

Please Test. Thank You
4222 v2 seems to be better than the previous version

Win the Champions League with everton

Can you test version 2 one more time?
A formation not found in ARENA

Everton Play. Good Result! League Winner

Please Test. Thank You
4411 There is no tactic, so I'll upload it

Everton no transfer first seoson winner! (no load)

calvert-lewin league 37goal

Good result. can you test my tactic? thakyou
Newcastle very good result. no vacation

new formation! test plz. thank you