Do the tests work with FM 21 as well?
Not sure if it matters but what's the recommended pitch dimensions?
If you aren't trying to optimize for injuries in training, would you replace the Recovery Sessions with all Ball Distribution?
I'm currently enjoying my journeyman save. Have been at Cacereño(Tier 4 Spain now Tier 2) for 3 years are a joy to play because of no domestic player minimum and no loan max. This means I could loan in all of my players and it really helps with player quality and my bottomline.
Hello @ZaZ again. I've moved from Vanarama North to what I believe is Spain's 4th division with Cacereño and the board has given me another 2 extra training slots. So now I have 6 training slots instead of 4. What would you recommend me to use the extra 2 slots on?
Hello, I'm playing the typical journeyman save. In Boston Utd, a semi-professional team. What would you use the 4 training slots on?