Hello Set pieces ?
Hi, does it work with small teams?
hello set piece ?
Hello Set pieces ?
Hi, were you able to test it with a weaker team?
Hi, has it been tested with a weaker team?
Hello Set. PIECES PLZ ?
mattw123 said: i've used this tactic with man utd and i currently sit 6th in the league and am about to get sacked! shot count is crazy high, but i'm losing to liverpool, man cuty, chealsea and each time is 5-0. Defensively this is pretty dire. Are you doing these tests on holiday? it gives you different results

EDIT: I have just conceded 4 goals at home to middlesborough. SOmething isnt right with the defensive element at all

I have exactly the same feeling, this tactic is very strange, using even the set-pieces that people use it unfortunately doesn't give me total satisfaction in the game.
CBP87 said: Thank you, I've only tested the tactic with City and the amount of goals scored was pretty good in my opinion. 133 in the league is good going. What team are you? It could be down to quality of players

With Middelsbrough
Hello, well done once again for the score you made with this new tactic. Small remark, I have the impression that in terms of number of shots it is quite low? Is this also the case for you?
Good morning,
Do you use O.I for this tactic? Do you use set pieces?
Hello OI ?
Hello, is there any specific training?
[quote=`'parashar91'` comment=`'27031'`]C’était la demi-finale. A remporté la finale de la Ligue des champions 2-1 contre le Real Madrid[/quote]

Hey, Do you touch training or leave it by default?[/quote]
You should test on less strong teams to know if your tactics work correctly
Yes thanks man. I would like to know if it is possible to make a small update to increase the number of shots?