Ozturk58 said: Sanane birader sana mı sorucam paylaşım yapıp yapmayacağımı beğenmiyorsan girme siteye

hayatınız çalıntı
Delete my post please
Sorry for uploading wrong screen shot.. I fixed it now. Thank you
FM20 Winning 1st season, 4th season and CL at 4th season. very competitive for developing club, perfect for group of great players. My testings came to a perfection. Test and see please. :)

Update: I delete tactic because it was flawlessly succesful for FM21. I dont want my ideas to be stolen till beta ends.

Delete my post please
yeter lan
LWB role was wrong on my previous post. Had to correct it, please test this as goals will glore.
Hello, sorry, went missing,  i just uploded, thank you
Hi, where test 3 gone ?
4-4-1-1 2 DM by Ferni
Nearly did it, lost in last game.. Seems like LWB helping Iverted Winger alot.
I am keeping testing for a perfection tactic. Lets see results please.
wow. for sure will check what happened to team A on test 2.. thanks
Not bad so far, need your test. Thank you.
Thank you.. Looking good
Won La Liga with Athletic Bilbao on just first season with just 2 lost. Very fighter effort tactic. Let's test and see.
Positive 4-4-1-1 Fighter Asymmetric .fmf
Downloaded : 82 times
Uploaded : Jul 19, 2020
Hello, please do the test..
Able to finish 5th(not with this squad) with 7 defeates only against 2 x Barca, 2x Real, 1 1x Atletico,and once Granada.